Ground Rules Regulations

Streetfootball LLP and our associates/partners/successors/permitted assigns ("Streetfootball","we","us" and"our") . Reference to"you or users " in this refers to the users of the Perfect Pass platform (as defined below), and refers to users using the facility provided by streetfootball. The facilities here refers to providing turf area for the users to play football ( soccer) ,cricket , training .

  • The facility is available on rent to approved users for permitted uses.

  • Facility users must not enter the field prior to their permitted time and should leave the field five minutes before their scheduled time to allow transition between groups. The user must adhere to the time discipline maintained by streetfootball.

  • Users are prohibited bringing animals on the turf.

  • No food is permitted on the turf, including gum, sunflower seeds and nuts.

  • Footwear on artificial turf fields must be moulded rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes. Metal cleats and screw-in plastic cleats are forbidden.

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk and responsibility . The property owners, Streetfootball ,operators and staff of Perfect Pass assume no liability for any injuries, accidents, harm or damages whatsoever which may occur during, in the past or before.

  • Conduct of users within the facility should be in the spirit of good sporting behavior and must be peaceful.

  • No alcohol or drug use prior to or during play. Doing so will result in ejection from the facility and subjection to ban.

  • If you find or lose any item, users must report it immediately to the Staff. Streetfootball does not assume responsibility for any lost items.

  • No food, drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco, chewing gum or studs permitted on playing surface. Only water in non-breakable containers is permitted on the turf.

  • No glass containers on the field.

  • Streetfootball reserves the right to refuse play and or service to anyone.

  • Acts of God, civil unrest, natural calamity or other circumstances beyond the control of streetfooball both foreseeable and unforeseeable may prevent completion of a game or session. In the event of incomplete session and if completion of a game or session cannot be concluded in a reasonable period of time, Streetfootball management has reserves the right to fix the pro rated returns .

  • Users booking on own behalf or on behalf of his group members ( friends, teams members , opposite team members cannot claim any relief against for any damages, injury, harms whatsoever from Streetfootball .

  • Users must adhere to hydenice condition specified by the streetfootball.

  • Any willfull damage caused by the users he/she shall indemnify the streetfootball for the loss or damage caused by the user.